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How to arrange flowers?

The art of arranging flowers is considered like a practice of ancient art and have direct relation with Japanese art and Japanese Zen gardens, this require expertise and ingenious but with imagination and little practice anyone can learn this technique.

A corner flower can brighten and give personal touch to our house? I have to choose fresh flowers, dried flowers, paper flowers or fabric flowers? Can I make my own flowers? Or prefer green plants, floral arrangements or potted? How do you keep a composition in vase?
What do you need for your compositions?

  • A container
  • A pair of scissors
  • A support

The container must be chosen depending to the type of flower, the color that defines them and also the environment where it will be placed.

It is a bit similar when the painters with the oil paint interpret a still life composition.

If the compositions must settle in important places, maybe decorations with furniture of quality and vintage will be advisable to choose classic shapes. For modern places a minimalist touch will be perfect with plastic pots of various colors and shapes, but if you want to test your creativity maybe use a can of jam, cookies jar or a tin of oil. Now with the help of some support, such as Japanese bamboo sticks or even a garden fencing net, you can begin your decorative project with scissors and imagination.

Good job!!

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