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How to attract insects pollinators to your garden

Every garden needs pollinators, without pollinators insects your garden would not have enough flowers and even fruits and vegetables. To attract bees and other pollinating insects such as butterflies and hoverflies to your garden, you must to provide them the necessary plants with continuous source of flowers, pollen and nectar. Native species are appropriate, but there are many culinary herbs plants that are a good source of food for them.

You have to choose flowers with various colors, the preferred colors of bees are blue, purple, white and yellow. This species should be planted in groups in full sun, protected from the wind and lastly is recommended have different forms. Also is important that the plants bloom at different times during the spring, summer and fall.

Most insecticides are not selective, so it’s best to avoid them.

Pollen and nectar provide the complete diet for both the adult bees and their larvae. Other insects, such as various flies and midges, beetles, wasps, thrips, bugs, butterflies and moths visit flowers to feed on pollen and nectar but may also have other dietary requirements, especially in their immature stages. Some predatory insects visit flowers to feed on other insects attracted to the blooms. All these insects are capable of picking up pollen on their bodies and bringing about pollination when they move to other flowers of the same plant.

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