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How to Fertilize the Garden

Today, dear friends, I want to talk about the importance of fertilizing the garden, in particular we will see how to fertilize the garden.

In addition to being the Queens of the garden, the plants are not different from us; they require certain nutrients to grow generally taken from the soil directly. And what happen if the soil is deficient in these substances? The consequence is the lack of growth of some plants species or less production if this is a fruit garden. To avoid this situation, in a certain way, we have to ‘give vitamins’ to the land, i.e. supply the right fertilizer, in the classic form of dry manure or organic fertilizer.

Instructions to fertilize the garden:
1.- First, is essential to create the rectangular area in the ground, delimiting the chosen field area with the help of some pallet or tool which you must dig by removing part of the soil. The hole shall have a depth of approx. 40 cm.

2.- Is time to extend on the bottom of the pit the organic fertilizer (manure), a shovel may help you.

3.- After applying the fertilizer, define a new strip of land and start again to remove the land, now you are going to place this soil on the previous pit to fill rather than leave it aside.

4.- Proceed until you have manured the entire selected area.

The digging can be performed with a cultivator or manually with a shovel. If the soil is hard and compact, a pickaxe may help you.

This type of fertilizer can be performed in the late autumn.

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