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How watering plants during the summer

In recent weeks we are suffering a scorching heat that leads us to drink constantly water to combat dehydration. Imagine how are our potted plants under the relentless sun, and all plants in balconies or terraces in this hot city! They need to receive much more water than usual! But how much water do they need? And how can we protect them from excessive heat? Here are some suggestions…

When the weather reach a stable temperatures on 30 degrees and beyond, many plants will “stop” natural process to reduce their water consumption and transpiration, they stop the production of new leaves, and also to new flowers. But they are ready to resume this process as soon as returns the energy supply or if you ensured a constant supply of water that allows the plant to stay in equilibrium from the energy point of view. However, we can help you with this problem.

There is nothing to do if you haven’t an irrigation system for watering flower plants like geraniums and petunia exposed to full sunlight in the balcony, the water is a need and it is often double in this season. In fact, inside small pots the moisture evaporates in a blink of an eye, leaving our plants quickly dry: Whereas if you have plants working a lot in constantly flower production, water is essential.

If you have plants on the terrace, in these weeks is when we should increase water, let’s do it for a long time and calmly, until we can able to see water flowing out through the bottom holes. Only by this way we are going to be sure that the earth is soaked well. Let’s do it also with succulent plants, although more rarely they need water, the watering help to have strong leaves and a better shape.

Whether in the surface of the pots or direct in the land, we can apply a layer of shredded bark. This will allow you to avoid the drought and grip weak of the roots, typical problem of the lack of moisture.

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