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Landscape Lighting Alternatives for Your Home

Brightening your home’s outdoor space not only adds curb appeal; it increases the safety of your home. Illuminating dark corners and lighting a pathway are just some of the ways to improve the safety and look of your home. Landscape lighting is especially made to be outside and resist the elements, without shorting out in the rain or snow. Below are five different ways to illuminate the exterior of your home.

  • Path Lights.-  Path lights illuminate sidewalks, backyards, and pathways to your front door. Lighting pathways helps prevent stubbed barefoot toes in the summer and creates a welcoming atmosphere. Path lights are popular with those who would like to add some light at night without flooding their yard (or neighbor’s home) with light.
  • Spot Lights (Uplighting).- Spot lights create a focused beam of light on an object of the homeowner’s choosing. Typically trees, bushes, and even homes themselves are lit with spot lights. Uplighting a home showcases the façade of the home during the evening and creates a stately effect, while spotlights on trees and shrubbery usually give off a warm glow.
  • Spotlights (Downlighting).- Spotlights hung on walls, roofs, and from the tops of trees create a different, but no less striking, effect than uplighting. Spotlights hung from high places improve safety and appearance. A spotlight hung from a wall can light the path directly below, while a spotlight on the eve of a roof can eliminate dark and scary corners.
  • Deck Lights.- Nothing kills a party like a guest falling down the stair of your deck! Deck lighting prevents accidents like this from occurring while you are hosting a pool party or backyard barbeque. Deck lights are either attached or Zen Garden Lightembedded to the posts of your deck and light footpaths and steps. These small lights give off a warm glow that isn’t blinding, perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere for a dinner party.
  • Security Lighting.- A well-lit yard is one of the largest deterrents of intruders and thieves. Lighting dark corners, gates, and doorways increase the safety and security of your home. Lighting on either side of a front door or gate look great while improving your security.


Brightening your home’s outdoor space not only adds curb appeal; it increases the safety of your home.

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