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Pests of olive trees: Natural remedies to prevent olive fruit fly

Between the most feared olive tree pests, the fruit fly takes the first place! Here is a natural remedy to exterminate this plague forever from your olive tree!

The olive fruit fly is an annoying parasite, particularly fascinated for the olive trees of your garden. These insects appear in swarms of little flies that leave their larvae inside olive fruits to seize their nutritional value.

To get rid of these insects once and for all, you don’t need to rely on chemicals and invasive pesticides. Is there when a natural remedy take place, Natural remedy are much more simple and effective!

How to?

Get a plastic bottle for each olive plant infested by flies. Then, make two holes on the top of the bottle (the holes should have a diameter of approximately 10 mm). Now, you can choose between two different mixtures to attract the flies in the bottle; you can create a vinegar based solution of wine (that smell stronger) and three tablespoons of honey.

If you don’t want to feed the flies with honey, then you can opt for the second solution, consisting of water and fresh fish, this will allow the fish to decompose inside the bottle, ultimately this will attract flies.

Fill the bottle with the solution and next using thread or filament of raffia, hang the bottles on the branches of the trees. The flies attracted by the smell of the prepared solution will want to pass through the bottle holes. A few days later you will see the bottles filled with flies trapped at the moment of try to enter inside the bottle, your olive trees will be saved!

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