Commercial Landscaping

At Plant Professionals, we take a typical commercial property and really make it stand out. Working in both interiors and exteriors, our services go beyond what you’d expect in a commercial landscaping company.

Landscape and Creative Design

If your property could use some sprucing up, a creative landscape design is the way to go. Our designers take every aspect of your property into consideration to create the perfect setting to complement your business. With your needs in mind, we pull plants, water, lights, stone, and other natural elements together in a design that’s sure to impress.

Plant Life

Both your outdoor and indoor commercial spaces can benefit from plant life. Our designers think outside the box, giving you a plant setup that creates the perfect atmosphere. The right plants can spruce up your lobby, give personality to your parking lot, and make the office a more comfortable place to work.

Water Features

A water feature is a sure way to make your property unique. Whether you want to have one designed and installed in your private company yard or out in the public space surrounding your building, it will transform the space immediately. Employees who have a calming space to relax will enjoy the added feature during their breaks. Plant Professionals can help you come up with the perfect design to “wow” your employees and customers.

Lighting Design

Nothing creates more ambiance than lighting. The right lighting setup can improve your brand, draw attention to your business, and give a bright first impression to clients and customers. Lights also improve sight and safety during early morning hours or later in the day. Our designers take into consideration the layout and architectural features of your property so all the right attributes are highlighted.


A path can be both functional and decorative. A stone path looks cozy and inviting and can lead the way to the entrance or a company garden. A decorative path could also be installed leading from building to building, so if you manage a multi-building business, we can help you pull it all together.


At Plant Professionals, we don’t just design, create, and install commercial landscaping. We stay with you all year to ensure maintenance is properly taken care of. This keeps your property looking its best and your customers and employees happy.

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