Landscape Design in Doral, FL

Plant Professionals has been creating beautiful landscapes for South Florida residents since 1999. Our experience spans both residential and commercial projects. We can help you with everything from creating the perfect outdoor entertaining space to decorating for the holidays. Our expertise and effort has won us new clients all throughout the area.

Professional Landscaping Services Offered

  • Landscape Design – If you’re seeking the best landscape design services in Doral, look no further! We can turn any residential or commercial space into a work of living art by designing to fit any stylistic preference. Our long and varied experience has made us masterful with all types of different landscaping design elements.
  • Holiday Services – We can prepare your home or office for any party. Get ready for a birthday bash, retirement party, or seasonal event with our cheer-inspiring holiday services.
  • Water Features – Add a relaxing sense of liveliness to your landscape by incorporating water features. The soothing motion adds a relaxing feeling, and surrounding yourself with water can help you feel cool in the Florida heat.
  • Lighting – Great lighting choices can help make your landscape pop at night. Many customers first take an interest in lighting because they want to make their pathways safe, but a skilled designer can use light features to accent specific design elements and create a striking look.
  • Interior PlantsBring some of the outside in! Your commercial or recreational space will feel alive thanks to indoor plant features like living walls. Our professionals can take even the most sterile of spaces and have it feeling lush in no time.
  • Outdoor Living – Use your landscape as a space to live and work. Your guests will love the ability to relax outdoors. Our professionals specialize in the installation of patios and decks, and we offer furniture to complete the space.
  • Maintenance – Once you have your dream landscape, make sure it stays in perfect condition. Keeping up with the landscaping can be demanding, but our professionals will do the hard work for you.

Best Doral Landscaping

No matter your needs, Plant Professionals is ready to help you create the landscape of your dreams. Our design professionals will understand your needs completely to design just the right style. Contact us today, and let’s get to work!

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