We make your dreams come true. As the premier landscaping company in South Florida, we transform dull lawns or bare patches of land into dazzling masterpieces. Plant Professionals serve several counties, including Palm Beach, Broward, Monroe, and Miami-Dade. Our comprehensive services can meet all your residential landscaping needs.

Landscape Design

Let your landscape reflect your unique style and personal flair. Level-up your home’s curb appeal with a customized garden designed and built to your specifications. Our team here at Plant Professionals have years of experience transforming spaces ranging from English gardens to large-scale estates.

Water Features

Serenity. Tranquility. Oasis. These are just a few words to describe a lawn or garden that has a water feature. Our talented artists work wonders with water, wood, and stone. They can design and install a unique pond, fountain, or waterfall that turns your lawn or garden into a peaceful retreat.

Landscape Lighting

Well-placed lighting is inviting and practical. Lights draw attention to your beautiful landscape after the sun goes down. Plus, they help keep you and your guests safe. Placing lights along walkways and stairs is just what you need when strolling through the lawn.

Interior Plants

Indoor plants add ambiance to your living space. At Plant Professionals, we select the right plants, choose the best planters, and maintain the plants for you. This way, you can spend more time enjoying your green space.

Lawn Maintenance

A customized residential landscape requires upkeep. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a weekend warrior to keep your lawn looking robust. Let our team handle your landscaping maintenance. We have what it takes to keep your lawn looking picture perfect.

Holiday Decor

Enjoy getting into the holiday spirit? Hate hanging lights and decorations? No problem. Let us do it for you. We take care of everything from bulb repair to storage.

Outdoor Living

There are yards. Then there are outdoor living sanctuaries. As the go-to residential landscaping company in South Florida, we specialize in the latter. Our technicians are masters at transforming outdoor spaces into draw-dropping outdoor living areas. They make sure every detail complements your home’s architecture and incorporates the natural habitat. A custom-designed outdoor living area enhances your home’s beauty and increases its value.

Patios, Paths, and Pergolas

Take your gorgeous residential landscaping to new heights. Flagstone patios and pathways are eye-catching features that enhance the overall look of your landscape. For an extra bit of pop, we can install a custom-built pergola for your patio. A pergola is also a cost-efficient way to shield family and friends from Florida’s sizzling sunlight.


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