Landscape Designs For Cottage Gardens


You don’t have to live in a cottage on Cape Cod to enjoy the benefits of a cottage garden. This highly versatile style can be enjoyed regardless of how large the home is or the surrounding settings. Its romantic beauty and neighborhood charm stems from its simplicity, which is why it’s becoming increasingly popular with homeowners throughout Miami and South Florida.

The Basics of Cottage Garden Design

At its core, cottage garden landscaping is all about using a seemingly haphazard and informal selection of foliage to create privacy. Cottage garden design is ideal for those who like to break the rules of traditional landscaping by mixing and matching a wide variety of elements to create a close knit and eclectic ambiance.

This means that while many different gardens may share some of the same elements, no two gardens will ever be the same. The idiosyncratic nature of cottage design allows homeowners to include as much quirkiness and eccentricity as they desire. The result is that every English garden is a celebration of the peculiar and its own homage to the natural world.

Crafting the Ideal English Garden

Cottage garden landscaping should include plenty of pastel shades and fragrant flowers as these stimulate the senses. Homeowners have absolute freedom in choosing the flowers and fragrances that they find most appealing. These elements should be enclosed behind a picket or lattice fence that isn’t so tall that it closes the area off from view.

Within the garden, curving pathways made of stone, brick, wood chips or gravel should be incorporated to create a soothing walk through the English garden.

Finally, everything should be capped off with a few personal touches that might include an old whiskey barrel, rusty tools, fishing gear or other accents that represent the South Florida lifestyle.

Creating a Healthy Environment

Plants within the garden should be planted as closely together as possible. However, they should not be arranged in a pattern, rather it should be done at random. This helps keep weeds down, promotes healthy soil and gives plants just enough space to grow together without being crowded. As the garden ages, the ecosystem it creates will be vibrant and healthy.

Plant Professionals Can Design the Cottage Garden of Your Dreams

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