Installing a Japanese garden is an opportunity to cultivate peace, harmony and tranquility in your backyard. When complete, the garden is a place of quiet contemplation and blissful relaxation that can help your body and soul rest and recharge. It is an asylum of healing, a fortress to find strength and a sanctuary to discover purpose. 

Bringing Balance to Your Life

Japanese gardens celebrate the balance of life. They honor the natural world and the material elements that surround us while giving insight beyond the physical and deep into the metaphysical. Each garden we design fosters an ambiance that helps detach the mind and spirit from the body so that you can discover and take comfort in the mysterious wonders of the universe.

Japanese garden landscape design depends on discovering the right balance between hard and soft landscaping while maximizing the audio and visual atmosphere that permeates the environment. The more stable the balance in your Japanese landscape design, the more peace and relaxation you will enjoy as you meditate and discover the meanings of life. 

Discovering the Resonance

No two souls are the same, and it is essential to determine which Japanese plants and zen garden design features resonate with our client’s spirits. It is essential to select water features, sculptures, plants, hardscaping, shapes and colors carefully.

Scale is crucial to creating the right resonance, and elements must be chosen so that they fit seamlessly and proportionately within the landscape. When installed, each element should blend into the layout of the landscape to create a soothing and calming environment. 

Nurturing Nature

Japanese plants are hearty additions to any landscape. Conifers, bamboo, azaleas and rhododendrons are always popular inclusions within Japanese landscape design. It is also advisable to incorporate a healthy mix of Japanese maple, pine and bonsai trees to create a stable foundation for the smaller and softer foliage to find strength from. When the right combination of plants is chosen, it creates solitude and privacy while nurturing each of your senses. This is the purpose of zen garden landscape design, and a Japanese garden is never supposed to be a closed off retreat, but rather it is a gateway into a mysterious world that is far larger than the eyes can see.

As the garden grows, it is essential to trim, prune, and maintain the elements to exacting standards. Every branch, every leaf, and every flower must be cared for in order for the garden to maintain its magical effect. The experts at Plant Professionals can help maintain and keep your garden looking and growing its best throughout the seasons of the year and the seasons of your life.


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