Landscape Maintenance


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Having your landscaping professionally designed is a great way to add curb appeal, value and pleasure to your property. Yet the design is only the beginning; without professional landscape maintenance, the most beautifully designed yards in South Florida will quickly become overgrown, weed-filled and unattractive.

Plant Professionals is your best choice in landscape design and ongoing landscaping and maintenance. Consider all we have to offer.

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Yard Maintenance

Mowing, edging, trimming, mulching and other services are yours when you bring Plant Professionals to your South Florida home. Our skilled workers recognize:

  • Invasive weeds and remove them;
  • Harmful insects and eliminate them;
  • Unhealthy lawns and rejuvenate them;
  • Ailing ornamental plants and revive them.

Water Wisdom

Our innovative landscape designers may have presented you with ingenious and attractive water features, from utilitarian and ecological sprinkler systems to more lavish and enjoyable fountains. Keeping those systems working flawlessly requires ongoing maintenance.

Our landscaping services can keep your oasis from becoming a desert. We can prevent a beautiful pond from becoming a sluggish, slimy eyesore. We keep the calm, cool comfort of your koi pond intact so you can find serenity and life balance, instead of hard work and a lengthy chore list, when you return home.

Water conservation is a common interest for residences in South Florida, and Plant Professionals can provide guidance on this aspect of landscaping, too. We can find ways to reduce your freshwater use while still giving you the enhanced features your family enjoys.

Preserving the Beauty

Many landscape designers in Homestead, FL, provide homeowners with magnificent designs for year-round landscaping, taking into account seasonal changes, bloom times and the holidays. Our skilled landscaping technicians can preserve the beauty these landscape architects created for you.

More than the value of the happiness these designs bring, they represent a genuine investment. Maintaining your investment just makes sense – you add value to your South Florida home, you boost curb appeal and you build a great return on your investment by continuing to make minimal investments in upkeep.

Problem Solvers

Because Plant Professionals provides such a wide range of services, we have encountered just about every turf, plant, water feature and landscape challenge in existence. Our skilled workers know what to do with problem areas – too much shade, overgrowth and more. Would you rather spend your precious weekend hours with your family and friends than on chores like these:

  • Mowing
  • De-thatching
  • Re-potting
  • Transplanting
  • Mulching
  • Trimming branches
  • Removing weeds
  • Fertilizing
  • Removing pond scum and algae from ponds
  • Fighting insect and plant pests

Serving South Florida, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Kendall, Pinecrest, Pembroke Pines and more locations, Plant Professionals can help you build your own personal paradise. Contact us today.


Sometimes, it’s all about extra detail. Freshen up your living space with the addition of interior plants. Interior plant installations have the ability to make a plain home exciting and much more comfortable.

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If you’re considering installation of houseplants in South Florida, Plant Professionals has all the tools and expertise necessary to flush out your living space. Not only do houseplant installations increase the aesthetic value of your home, but they also provide numerous health benefits. Live plants regularly recycle air, making for easier breathing and a more comfortable atmosphere.
Plants in the home and workspace are also commonly linked with increased productivity and task performance. Our team can assist in transforming your residential or commercial space utilizing lush and exotic foliage matched to modern and stylish containers. In our complementary consultation we take time to understand our client’s needs and ensure that the design will complement your interior environment and enhance the productivity and energy within. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today for your complimentary quote!


Leasing indoor plants can help reduce short-term costs and provides flexibility in case you want to change your plant’s or design. Buying indoor plants can be a more cost-effective option in the long run if you plan to keep the same plants and containers for an extended period of time.

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It doesn’t matter whether you lease or purchase we can maintain the health of your indoor plants either way. We only offer the best indoor plants to our clients when helping with interior design. And if you enroll in a plant maintenance program with Plant Professional’s each one of your plants is fully backed by the Plant Professional’s warranty, so there’s no doubt they will always look their very best.


The right kind of green around your place of business can keep you seeing green from a steady flow of customers. Commercial landscaping advertises every day to potential clients, that your business takes pride in its appearance, values, organization, and cleanliness, and is dedicated to an attractive, inviting work environment. 

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The South Florida Market

Our area is witnessing unprecedented growth and a resurgence of commercial success. Feeding that success is a sense that the future is brighter, greener and more aware than our past. Businesses want to harness environmental sensitivity, an appreciation of “green energy” and a respect for our land. Sustainable landscape maintenance is a key part of that public image.

Among commercial landscape companies, Plant Professionals rises above the rest by offering innovative designs for xeriscape, careful water management, sustainable year-round plantings and much more. Our technicians and workers understand the close relationship between the land that sustains us and our clients’ financial stability. Customers appreciate a business that respects our state’s natural resources.

More Than Just Mowing

Commercial landscape maintenance entails far more than just mowing. The swale between sidewalk and street is important, but good commercial landscaping requires planning, design, proper installation and conscientious maintenance.

A well-groomed property advertises to potential customers that you have an organized company that values its investment. You show your pride by keeping sidewalks and paths clear, reducing weeds and overgrowth, and planting attractive flowers and ornamental shrubs that invite visitors.

Environmentally Sensitive

South Florida is more than just cabbage palms and South Florida slash pine. Ornamental grasses, shrubs, bushes and flowering plants can all be designed into your commercial landscaping with an eye toward sustainable, environmentally sensitive maintenance.

With services from Plant Professionals, you may see business traffic rise as your water bill and cooling costs drop. The right shade trees, water features and succulents can all contribute to a smaller, greener, publicly advantageous environmental footprint.

Size Matters

From the smallest property to the largest commercial campus, Plant Professionals can design and execute a creative, attractive landscape to promote your business. We can incorporate flower beds and solar-powered lighting, install eye-catching fountains and green spaces, and maintain all aspects of your commercial property’s turf, trees and plants.

Storm Warning

When rough weather threatens, our expert technicians can prevent downtime by protecting your landscape, and safeguarding trees. After the storm, our crews can restore your landscaping to pristine condition.

Plant Professionals is now serving South Florida, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Kendall, Pinecrest, Pembroke Pines and more. We offer commercial landscaping services to businesses large and small, so contact us today to see how much we can do for you!


Healthy trees can add considerable property value to your home, but need to be properly maintained as the trees grow and mature. Plant Professionals has the experience and expertise required to keep your trees happy and healthy as they put down their roots and rise into the sky over your home or business.

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Tree Trimming

Trees require regular pruning that removes dead branches, branches that are infected with fungus or parasites, and branches that are threatening the stability of the tree. Trimming the tree removes elements that hinder the tree’s health and jeopardize its vitality. It also helps protect structures on the property and individuals who may rest, relax, or walk by on paths beneath the tree. 

This is important in South Florida, and while storms and strong winds can blow any tree down, trees that are in bad health are at greater risk of toppling over. Our tree service in Miami, FL, gives your trees a better than fighting chance of weathering the next storm to roll through the region. 

Trimming Enhances Curb Appeal

Unkempt trees are an unsightly eyesore that can elicit letters from an area homeowner’s association or the city when the tree threatens overhead power lines, streetlights, sewer systems, etc. Tree trimming helps keep your trees looking their best, which enhances the value of your commercial or residential property in South Florida. Trimmed trees can attract customers into your commercial complex and potential buyers to your real estate listing.     

Tree Removal

There are many reasons to remove a tree from a property. When a tree dies, is severely damaged in a storm, or grows too close to a structure, it is advisable to remove the tree as soon as possible. Other reasons include interior rot, infection, overcrowding, or pending construction of a new structure. The tree removal services offered by Plant Professionals include the complete and safe removal of the tree and the grinding of the stump. Prior to removal, we make a thorough survey of the site to determine the necessary steps to safely and efficiently remove the tree while protecting structures and landscaping.     

Regular Check-Ups

Our tree service also includes regular check-ups that provide early warning of potential problems. Our tree care technicians in South Florida can adjust irrigation systems to provide the proper amount of water, add fertilizer and other nutrients to the soil as necessary, and perform visual inspections for signs of insect infestation, rot and other issues. These services enhance the health of the tree and facilitate strong and stable growth as the seasons pass and decade after decade roll by.  

Give us a call today to make sure your trees are in good hands.


You can depend on Plant Professionals lawn care and maintenance services to keep your lawn consistently lush and healthy. Our licensed and insured landscapers have the required training and expertise for maintaining lawns, so yours will stay in pristine condition year round.

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Basic Lawn Care

Our teams provide a wide variety of essential lawn care and landscaping services to commercial and residential clients, including mowing, edging, grass/leaf blowing, and edging. We can also adjust sprinkler heads, timers, and other components of the irrigation system. This keeps the property looking its best for customers, clients, and visitors. Our services can be scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis, and tailored to match your specific needs. This schedule and the services we offer can be easily adjusted as your property evolves and your needs change.

Trimming and Pruning

The health of trees, shrubs, and plants depend upon regular trimming and pruning. Our lawn care professionals have the training and expertise to keep your plants healthy and growing strong. Whether trimming a palm or pine, allamanda or azalea, we will ensure that every plant on the landscape is cared for and pruned correctly. When the trimming and pruning are complete, we remove the debris and dispose of the branches, leaves, and roots so that you never have to see them again.

Flower Bed and Lawn Maintenance

Whether it is maintaining flower beds, mulching garden paths, or fixing bald spots, our teams have you covered. We can add mulch, reseed lawns, and treat the landscape as elements shift and problems surface. Our landscape services teams don’t just seek to cover problems up; we aim to fix them once and for all, which makes our services the most dependable in the South Florida region.

Our flower bed and lawn maintenance services also include the application of fertilizer to the soil, which provides the nutrients plants and grasses need to grow strong and healthy. The environmentally friendly fertilizers we utilize are safe for children and pets and will keep your landscape lush and green.

Weed Abatement and Removal

Weeds are a constant problem in South Florida. They grow rapidly and can sprout in some seemingly impossible places. Our weed abatement and removal services help keep weeds from popping up and taking over the landscape. We diligently treat and remove weeds so that they don’t return to consume water resources and mar the beautiful appearance of the landscape. We invite you to contact Plant Professionals at 786-574-6872 to learn more about our lawn care services. We proudly serve South Florida, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Kendall, Pinecrest, Pembroke Pines, and more.


Have one of our Professionals provide you with a quality estimate today.