Professional commercial landscaping offers multiple positive benefits for your business, including improved productivity, reduced expenses, and increased property value.

  • A well-maintained property makes an excellent first impression on customers and clients.
  • Proper commercial landscaping is kind to the environment.
  • Caring for your business’s grounds and lawns shows the world around you that you care about your business and your property.

As a business owner or manager, you know how critical your office, retail, or commercial building is to your operation. It plays an essential part in your company’s public image and can draw in customers and clients when it is well-maintained, clean, and professional in appearance. Many people, though, underestimate the value of commercial landscaping around the business. Here are a few benefits your organization might realize when you partner with Plant Professionals for your commercial landscaping needs.

Benefits of Commercial Landscape

Commercial landscaping includes much more than just mowing the lawn and pruning the shrubs. At Plant Professionals, we work with you to design a space that represents your company well and promotes a positive public image. Once you have a look you want, we develop a plan to keep it looking its best year-round through routine maintenance. When your company’s grounds look their best, you may experience some of these benefits.

  • New clients or customers: Appearances matter when people decide whether to work with your company or keep looking for a place to spend their dollars. When potential clients or customers approach your commercial spaces, they take notice of a well-manicured landscape. It’s a sign of respect to the people who work and do business on the property. When you get customized, professional care for your commercial landscaping, you may see increased foot traffic to the property, resulting in more new clients or customers. A beautifully landscaped business stands out over competitors that don’t make the same investment.
  • Reduced expenses and more time: Plant Professionals develops a custom maintenance plan to keep your landscaping look great all year. When your property gets regular care, you may save money over the long term by keeping everything trimmed and neat instead of waiting until more significant and expensive work is necessary. You also save time when you let Plant Professionals take care of the commercial landscaping around your business. You can spend those hours growing your business or spending time with your family instead.
  • Kindness to the planet: Taking care of your commercial landscaping is kind to the environment. When your plants and grounds are healthy, they use less water, help control erosion, and decrease your business’s carbon footprint. Professional landscaping tells your employees, customers, and visitors that the land around your business is a priority for you. At Plant Professionals, we incorporate native plants and other environmentally friendly technologies as often as possible into your commercial landscaping plan.
  • More room to work: Plant Professionals can suggest options for your commercial landscape design that creates more open space. You can use those new areas to create relaxing spaces for employees to work, take breaks, or set up a new space for meeting customers and clients. Green, natural spaces may also increase productivity, improve your workforce’s mental and physical health, and heighten your team’s morale.
  • Increased property value: Your commercial property represents a significant business investment. Maintaining the building is essential, of course, but keeping the grounds in good shape is also vital. When your real estate grounds are well-groomed and properly maintained, your business benefits from the improved curb appeal, and you may see a higher estimated property value. Even if you don’t plan to sell your property anytime soon, it’s good to know your investment is secure.

Who Needs Commercial Landscaping?

If you’re interested in any of these five benefits for your company, you need commercial landscaping services from Plant Professionals. However, many managers see additional benefits as well. If you’re interested in improving your property’s safety, commercial landscaping can help with that too. Qualified professionals know how and where to place plants, lighting, and walkways to discourage trespassing and reduce the risks of falls. A safer facility is better for employees, visits, and customers.

Types of Commercial Landscaping Services in Miami

In general terms, commercial landscaping includes all the steps in designing, installing, and maintaining the property and grounds outside the walls of your commercial building. Different kinds of businesses have different commercial landscaping needs, so the plans and processes vary. For example, the plan for a retail store may focus on bringing in foot traffic, whereas an office building may concentrate on creating greenspace for workers to enjoy. You might engage a commercial landscaping company to help maintain your property per the rules of your property owners’ association as well.

Usually, though, commercial landscaping companies use plants, shrubs, flowers, grass, and trees to give your business the look you want. In some geographical regions, commercial landscapers offer snow and leaf removal. More advanced companies like Plant Professionals also install irrigation systems, walkways, lighting, and water features. Here are a few more services that you may need:

  • Mulching and maintaining flower beds and garden spaces
  • Mowing and edging lawns
  • Pruning plants
  • Turf installation and maintenance

The goal for every commercial landscaping company is to make your property as attractive and appealing as possible so that it helps you grow your business by making a good lasting impression.

Professional Partners Make a Difference

The first impression that your company makes on a new client or customer is critical. The aesthetic appeal is an essential factor in whether customers choose to do business with you. Don’t trust your commercial landscaping to just anyone. Plant Professionals can help with every aspect of caring for your property from start to finish. Here are a few of the services we offer to our commercial clients:

When you’re ready to make the grounds of your south Florida business look their best, contact Plant Professionals to schedule a time for a consultation. Our team of friendly professionals has more than 12 years of experience in the landscaping business. We’d love to offer our expertise to your property.


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