Appealing landscaping is a calling card that is just as important as a television ad or a billboard. Up-to-date and well-maintained landscaping is a visual cue that welcomes clients and lets customers see your doors are open for business.

An attractive landscape is an investment that will pay dividends in customer flow and property value that will far exceed the costs of installation and maintenance. 

Clear-Cut Contracts & Costs

Our contractors work hard to make sure that everything related to the planning, installation and maintenance are absolutely clear to our clients from the start. This makes it easier for our clients to plan their projects and account for the long-term maintenance costs within their operating budget.

We know our clients and their accounting departments don’t like surprises, and we make sure that every dollar and decimal point are accounted for and explained.   

Creative and Unique Landscapes that Stand Out

A beautiful landscape is more than just choosing a few trees, planting some flowers and laying some sod. Commercial landscaping should be something that people notice and talk about.

The design team at Plant Professionals has green thumbs and sharp creative minds that they bring to bear on every landscaping project we design. They know how to choose and position everything from flowerbeds to pathways to create a visually stunning landscape that is as functional as it is beautiful.  

Reliability & Relationships You Can Depend Upon

Landscape construction in Miami and South Florida isn’t simple. It requires thorough consideration of the existing landscape and the way the property will be used. At Plant Professionals, our landscaping contractors work with our clients to ensure that everything from the drainage to the daisies is taken into account and properly included in the landscaping plans.

We value our client’s business and the value we bring to their businesses. Our team is proud of the long-term relationships and partnerships we build with each and every one of our commercial clients in Miami and South Florida. Our goal is to become the plant professionals that businesses throughout the region think of and contact for answers to their questions and for solutions for their commercial landscaping needs. 

We invite you to contact Plant Professionals at 305-259-0503 to receive a detailed estimate for your commercial landscaping projects. We will be happy to tell you more about our commercial landscaping services and the ways we can turn your Miami landscape construction into the talk of the town. 



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