Mediterranean landscape design can create a memorable atmosphere reminiscent of sweltering summer days in Spain or romantic nights in Rome. With a little attention to detail and the inclusion of the right touches, it’s possible to recreate the beauty and inviting warmth of Mediterranean landscaping at your South Florida home.

Creating Casual Elegance

Mediterranean landscape design is about harnessing the vision of casual elegance that flows effortlessly from Naples to Barcelona. Its charm is refined and its mood is relaxed. It places the strength of Roman columns beside the gentleness of tiered fountains. Plants provide a touch of color and texture that soften and connect the hardscaping to the landscape. The result is a garden that is as ideally suited for a game of bocce ball as it is for sipping wine with your closest friends.

Selecting Foliage for Your Tuscan Theme

Cypress trees and ornamental grasses should be featured prominently within the design and look beautiful with accents of lavender, rock purslane, Yanagi Ichigo and smoketree. These accents exude subtle warmth that is inviting and invigorating. If you want to include shapes that are a bit out of the ordinary, then bugle lily, pouch flower and Cunco rojo are most certainly choices that will catch the attention of your guests.

Tiered Fountains Create a Soothing Ambiance

Mediterranean garden landscaping absolutely must include at least one tiered fountain within the design. The fountain should be strategically placed so that it can be seen and enjoyed throughout the garden. Walkways, seating areas and an outdoor fireplace near the fountain anchor the landscape and provide a comfortable place to relax and entertain guests and enjoy the soothing sounds of flowing water well into the evening.

Sprinkle in Some Herbs

Mediterranean cuisine is not only healthy, it is absolutely delicious! One of the reasons for this is because Mediterranean garden landscapes produce a bounty of fresh herbs that can be mixed into pasta, sprinkled over pizza or dashed into soups and on top of salads. Herbs including basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary and marjoram breathe life into Mediterranean delicacies, and you will enjoy breathing in the delicious scents they bring into your garden as these plants grow and mature.

Building Your Own Garden Empire 

Whether you are inspired by the Greek classics or the Roman revival, the team at Plant Professionals will roll up our sleeves to create the landscape of your dreams. Our South Florida teams are masters of Mediterranean style and are ready to put their skills to the test and create a landscape that is a reflection of your desired lifestyle.


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