Whether residential or commercial, Plant Professionals can provide and meet your landscaping needs. As residential landscapers, we can design and build whatever you desire in your residential garden. From large estates to English gardens in the heart of Miami, our dedicated design and contracting company can fulfill your needs. We can take an existing garden or an empty plot and change that space into a unique garden experience that is the physical manifestation of the client’s dream.

As commercial landscapers, we strive to provide business with appealing landscapes. A key factor in attracting customers to a commercial property and providing the right atmosphere for your workforce. Plant professionals are dedicated to provided excellent service and maintenance to provide you with an attractive landscaping that increases the value of your property and attracts tenants or customers.


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Whether residential or commercial, Plant Professionals can provide meet your landscaping needs.As residential landscapers, we can design and build whatever you desire in your residential garden.

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Patios, front and back yards; from large estates to English gardens in the heart of Miami, our dedicated design and contracting company can fulfill your needs. We can take an existing garden or an empty plot and change that space into a unique garden experience that is the physical manifestation of the client’s dream. We can also achieve design that is tailored to the site’s location and surroundings.As commercial landscapers, we strive to provide business with appealing landscapes – a key factor in attracting customers to a commercial property and providing the right atmosphere for your workforce. Plant professionals are dedicated to provided excellent service and maintenance to provide you with an attractive landscaping that increases the value of your property and attracts tenants or customers. We can also renovate older or out of date landscaping.


If you find yourself humming the Indiana Jones theme on a regular basis, it may be that your subconscious is expressing its need for a little adventure. Not everyone can jet off to the Amazon, but everyone can have their own little piece of the rainforest with tropical landscape design.

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Tropical landscaping is more than just a chaotic collection of random plants that look pretty. The best tropical landscape design in Miami is an assortment of carefully chosen and strategically placed foliage and hardscaping that brings the jungle into the urban jungle. When it is done right, it looks as if it sprang up on its own.

Choosing the Right Foliage

Large, leafy plants such as verbascum bombycine and rodgersia aesculifolia create a solid foundation for any tropical landscape. These create a foundation from which cut-leaf philodendrons and elephant ears can reach for the sky.

To increase the mystery of the landscape, the solid green backdrop these plants create should be broken up with some vibrant colors. Red Ti, Begonia, Persian Shield, Golden Dew Drops and others can add a splash of color that’s sure to bring a twinkle to your eye.

Sprinkle in the Sounds of Water

No rainforest is complete without a water feature. Adding a few strategically placed water fountains, a small pond with a waterfall flowing into it, or a natural pool complete with swimming fish will create a gentle and relaxing ambiance. Water features will also help attract birds and other wildlife that will bring your rainforest to life.

Whether you choose a water feature that resembles the Everglades or one that mimics a Mayan ruin, your water feature should see a reflection of your lifestyle and interests each time you gaze into the gently flowing waters.

Create a Place to Nest

Your rainforest should feel like a natural extension to your home and lifestyle. To that end, it is a good idea to include seating and rest areas in the design. You can make these areas feel more comfortable and spacious by including features such as outdoor fireplaces, chiminea or even an outdoor kitchen.

These features also will help you get added enjoyment when the sun goes down and the jungle comes alive. Coupled with strategically positioned lighting, you will pull the curtain back on the mysteries of the night and create an inviting place to relax and entertain guests.

Plant Professionals

The team at Plant Professionals can make your tropical landscaping dreams come true. Serving South Florida homeowners is our pleasure and we are delighted to recreate rainforests throughout the area. We invite you to contact us with all of your tropical landscaping needs.


Mediterranean landscape design can create a memorable atmosphere reminiscent of sweltering summer days in Spain or romantic nights in Rome. With a little attention to detail and the inclusion of the right touches, it’s possible to recreate the beauty and inviting warmth of Mediterranean landscaping at your South Florida home.

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Creating Casual Elegance

Mediterranean landscape design is about harnessing the vision of casual elegance that flows effortlessly from Naples to Barcelona. Its charm is refined and its mood is relaxed. It places the strength of Roman columns beside the gentleness of tiered fountains. Plants provide a touch of color and texture that soften and connect the hardscaping to the landscape. The result is a garden that is as ideally suited for a game of bocce ball as it is for sipping wine with your closest friends.

Selecting Foliage for Your Mediterranean Landscape Design

Cypress trees and ornamental grasses should be featured prominently within the design and look beautiful with accents of lavender, rock purslane, Yanagi Ichigo and smoketree. These accents exude subtle warmth that is inviting and invigorating. If you want to include shapes that are a bit out of the ordinary, then bugle lily, pouch flower and Cunco rojo are most certainly choices that will catch the attention of your guests.

Tiered Fountains Create a Soothing Ambiance

Mediterranean garden landscaping absolutely must include at least one tiered fountain within the design. The fountain should be strategically placed so that it can be seen and enjoyed throughout the garden. Walkways, seating areas and an outdoor fireplace near the fountain anchor the landscape and provide a comfortable place to relax and entertain guests and enjoy the soothing sounds of flowing water well into the evening.

Sprinkle in Some Herbs

Mediterranean cuisine is not only healthy, it is absolutely delicious! One of the reasons for this is because Mediterranean garden landscapes produce a bounty of fresh herbs that can be mixed into pasta, sprinkled over pizza or dashed into soups and on top of salads. Herbs including basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary and marjoram breathe life into Mediterranean delicacies, and you will enjoy breathing in the delicious scents they bring into your garden as these plants grow and mature.

Building Your Own Garden Empire 

Whether you are inspired by the Greek classics or the Roman revival, the team at Plant Professionals will roll up our sleeves to create the landscape of your dreams. Our South Florida teams are masters of Mediterranean style and are ready to put their skills to the test and create a landscape that is a reflection of your desired lifestyle.


You don’t have to live in a cottage on Cape Cod to enjoy the benefits of a cottage garden. This highly versatile style can be enjoyed regardless of how large the home is or the surrounding settings. Its romantic beauty and neighborhood charm stems from its simplicity, which is why it’s becoming increasingly popular with homeowners throughout Miami and South Florida.

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The Basics of Cottage Garden Design

At its core, cottage garden landscaping is all about using a seemingly haphazard and informal selection of foliage to create privacy. Cottage garden design is ideal for those who like to break the rules of traditional landscaping by mixing and matching a wide variety of elements to create a close knit and eclectic ambiance.

This means that while many different gardens may share some of the same elements, no two gardens will ever be the same. The idiosyncratic nature of cottage design allows homeowners to include as much quirkiness and eccentricity as they desire. The result is that every English garden is a celebration of the peculiar and its own homage to the natural world.

Crafting the Ideal English Garden

Cottage garden landscaping should include plenty of pastel shades and fragrant flowers as these stimulate the senses. Homeowners have absolute freedom in choosing the flowers and fragrances that they find most appealing. These elements should be enclosed behind a picket or lattice fence that isn’t so tall that it closes the area off from view.

Within the garden, curving pathways made of stone, brick, wood chips or gravel should be incorporated to create a soothing walk through the English garden.

Finally, everything should be capped off with a few personal touches that might include an old whiskey barrel, rusty tools, fishing gear or other accents that represent the South Florida lifestyle.

Creating a Healthy Environment

Plants within the garden should be planted as closely together as possible. However, they should not be arranged in a pattern, rather it should be done at random. This helps keep weeds down, promotes healthy soil and gives plants just enough space to grow together without being crowded. As the garden ages, the ecosystem it creates will be vibrant and healthy.

Plant Professionals Can Design the Cottage Garden of Your Dreams

Serving the Miami area and beyond, the team at Plant Professionals can help you design the ideal English garden for your property and lifestyle. Our team would be delighted to help you select the ideal foliage, positioning and accents that will create the perfect place to rest and relax for you and your family.


Installing a Japanese garden is an opportunity to cultivate peace, harmony and tranquility in your backyard. When complete, the garden is a place of quiet contemplation and blissful relaxation that can help your body and soul rest and recharge. It is an asylum of healing, a fortress to find strength and a sanctuary to discover purpose. 

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Bringing Balance to Your Life

Japanese gardens celebrate the balance of life. They honor the natural world and the material elements that surround us while giving insight beyond the physical and deep into the metaphysical. Each garden we design fosters an ambiance that helps detach the mind and spirit from the body so that you can discover and take comfort in the mysterious wonders of the universe.

Japanese garden landscape design depends on discovering the right balance between hard and soft landscaping while maximizing the audio and visual atmosphere that permeates the environment. The more stable the balance in your Japanese landscape design, the more peace and relaxation you will enjoy as you meditate and discover the meanings of life. 

Discovering the Resonance

No two souls are the same, and it is essential to determine which Japanese plants and zen garden design features resonate with our client’s spirits. It is essential to select water features, sculptures, plants, hardscaping, shapes and colors carefully.

Scale is crucial to creating the right resonance, and elements must be chosen so that they fit seamlessly and proportionately within the landscape. When installed, each element should blend into the layout of the landscape to create a soothing and calming environment. 

Nurturing Nature

Japanese plants are hearty additions to any landscape. Conifers, bamboo, azaleas and rhododendrons are always popular inclusions within Japanese landscape design. It is also advisable to incorporate a healthy mix of Japanese maple, pine and bonsai trees to create a stable foundation for the smaller and softer foliage to find strength from. When the right combination of plants is chosen, it creates solitude and privacy while nurturing each of your senses. This is the purpose of zen garden landscape design, and a Japanese garden is never supposed to be a closed off retreat, but rather it is a gateway into a mysterious world that is far larger than the eyes can see.

As the garden grows, it is essential to trim, prune, and maintain the elements to exacting standards. Every branch, every leaf, and every flower must be cared for in order for the garden to maintain its magical effect. The experts at Plant Professionals can help maintain and keep your garden looking and growing its best throughout the seasons of the year and the seasons of your life.


It’s not just the water in the pool that can make a splash during the summer. Done right, the landscaping around the pool can get just as much attention from guests and neighbors.

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While we can’t build a pool for you, the team at Plant Professionals can most certainly use a combination of pool landscaping design and 21st-century hardscape know-how to bring your pool to life.

Setting Things in Stone

Stones, boulders and concrete provide the perfect hardscaping for the surfaces around the pool. Strong, durable and made to last, these can be used to create everything from a patio to a waterfall that flows into the pool.

Some of the most beautiful hardscapes make use of each of these materials to create outdoor living areas and rest spaces where guests can catch their breath after an invigorating swim in the pool. 

Lighting Up the Night Sky

Pool lighting is so much more than floodlights and running lights. Modern pool lighting techniques can set the night sky on fire and create an exhilarating ambiance for an evening pool party.

Our landscape designers in Homestead, FL, can use everything from colored lights and walkway lights to hanging lights and decking lights to create the perfect atmosphere for your evening gatherings.     

Lushing Up Lacklaster Landscaping

Many pools in Florida are surrounded by little more than grass. This creates a ho-hum appearance that leaves swimmers and guests less than impressed. When it comes to swimming pool landscape ideas, we have quite a few we will put on the table for you to think over.

We can use hedges on the edges to create a bit of privacy around pool. We can plant shrubs and perennials to infuse color into the landscape. We can even use trees, ornamental grasses, vines and tropical plants to create a jungle in your own backyard. Whether your dreams are a tropical landscape or a classical Grecian retreat, we can bring your visions to life using a combination of native foliage and the creative inspirations of our design team.

Serving Pool Owners Throughout South Florida

It is an absolute pleasure serving pool owners in South Florida, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Kendall, Pinecrest, Pembroke Pines and more. We are proud to know that our pool landscaping designs are transforming our client’s blasé backyard pools into stunning showplaces.

From the benches we build into your outdoor kitchen to the lights we install along the walkway, we want your pool area to be a place of peace and relaxation where you can rest and enjoy life beneath the beautiful Florida sunshine.


Creative landscaping ideas have the power to create unique moods and transport our minds to other parts of the world. The execution of the plan is critical, but it all starts with a thoughtful design. Our Plant Professionals will sit down with you to make sure we completely understand your vision before we ever break ground on a project.

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We have many years of experience creating beautiful landscapes for commercial properties and personal residences alike. We approach both kinds of projects with careful attention to the aesthetic look and functional ability required of the space. We can work from an existing landscape or an empty plot of land to create a unique and beautiful design.

Once we understand your needs and your vision, we use cutting-edge technology to create beautiful designs so you can review our plans. After we use your input to finalize our concept, our dedicated team will turn it into a reality. Because we personally handle everything from the initial landscape concept to installation and maintenance, you can rest assured that the final project will look as beautiful as you’ve always imagined.

Residential Landscaping Designs

Compliment your home by cultivating an exterior landscape you can be proud of. Some homeowners are primarily concerned with aesthetic beauty, while others want their outdoor area to be an extension of their living space. Plant Professionals has the experience and expertise to give you both!

Add to your existing landscaping to make your style pop, or start from scratch and build something new. Your backyard can be your own personal oasis, so don’t miss the opportunity to create a beautiful escape.

Retaining walls, patios, and other design features offer the option to create different areas within the same landscape. We even leverage lighting and water features creatively to bring your landscape to life.

Commercial Landscaping Designs

If you own a commercial or rental property, you might be amazed what a difference great landscaping can make for your business. Beautiful exterior design increases property value and simultaneously provides a better experience for employees and tenants.

Our concepts give you the option to see what a new landscape can offer before you start spending time and money on renovations. Enhance people’s experiences by creating an outdoor workspace or a beautiful walking path where they can unwind.

Landscape Ideas For Your Miami Home

If you have an idea for a new landscape design for your property, or if you know that you’re ready for a change, contact Plant Professionals today. We can help you develop your existing idea, or come up with something unique just for you. Request an estimate to start working toward your own personal paradise!


A creative, high-quality landscape can create a soothing environment, enhance the aesthetic appeal, and raise the value of a property. Plant Professionals has experience designing both commercial and residential landscapes, so we can help you complete any job.

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For private residences, our aim is to help you create the perfect escape right in your backyard. We come up with the design concept, then follow through with the execution ourselves so that no part of the vision gets lost in translation. We have experience building all types of designs inspired by different cultures all over the world.

We also service corporate clients. For professional landscaping clients, we will begin by considering the pre-existing atmosphere at your business. We develop an understanding of the mood and values of your workplace, then enhance them by creating beautiful exterior features. This raises property value and creates a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved. In turn, it helps you attract the best tenants, customers, and employees.

Outdoor Creative Design and Landscape

A masterfully done garden will feel like an extension of your home and adds an outdoor element to your living space. There are all types of moods and themes to choose from, and our Plant Professionals have far-reaching experience. Here are just a few of the design styles we’ve worked on for our clients:

  • English Gardens
  • Tropical Landscapes
  • Cottage Gardens
  • Japanese Gardens
  • Mediterranean Landscaping Designs
  • Pool Landscapes

After you determine what kind of look and feel you’re going for, it’s time to consider how you want to use the space. All sorts of features can give a pop of style or increase the utility of your hard. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Seating Options
  • Water Features
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Paths, Patios, and Decks
  • Pergolas and Pavilions
  • Fire Pits

Licensed Exterior Landscape Designers near Miami

Turn to Plant Professionals for your residential or commercial lawn care needs in the Miami area. We have years of experience in exterior landscape design and have refined our process to get excellent results every time.

We start by talking to you until we know exactly what your needs are, and we always make sure we understand a client’s vision before we continue. From there, we handle all aspects of your outdoor landscaping project. We use our artistic experience to draft a creative and functional plan; then our team manages the installation as well as any ongoing maintenance you may need.
Our ability to understand your requirements and protect your vision is what leads to so many happy customers. To learn more about how we create our creative landscaping designs, contact us today! We can’t wait to get started on your custom exterior landscape design.


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