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How to transform your garden in oasis

Taking care of your home, is undoubtedly one of the activities most satisfactory, since it goes to evidence the love to our cozy house, which will be demonstrated by its attention to the smallest details, and the clean furnished.

However the care of our garden has the same importance, because it represents an important part, because is the perfect complement to our house.

Previously, we have learned some tips i.e. to distribute the adjacent space of our home, giving you a good advice on how to choose the most appropriate furniture, how to get the right lighting for each need, to guide relevant to creation and organization of space in our garden to be used as sports and games for children or to picnic.

However, now you will see how we can convert in oasis the gardens. In fact, a bit of imagination to give life to a new environment, a place to live full of total relaxation, with an atmosphere that will not make us feel as the classic holiday destinations. But, How? Keep reading this guide and find out!

  • First of all, every good oasis supplies all water needs. What does this mean? You don’t really need a big pool to enjoy our little corner of paradise in the gardens in our case, however, we can recreate a kind of pond using a spa with pebbles around, preferably inserted into a hole previously dug in the garden, so as not to make it look with the edges excessively high.
  • Next, we can beautify our pond according to our personal tastes: in fact, there are who prefer the water in green color, of course, but some people want to see permanently water clean, in this case just agree a little salt portion to the water, in order to keep it clear.
  • The pond can be further embellished by using colored pebbles on the deep, or water flowers floating on the surface.
  • At this point decide where to place your pond or artificial pond; besides, can also allow the movement of water with a small system installation, it contributes to formation of oxygen with the amount of negative ions in the air. Also for this reason, the environments characterized by the flow of water are more relaxing.
  • Avoid too much concrete in your garden, at least in the area dedicated to your oasis, choose a nice lawn and furnish the space with padded and comfortable deck chairs to encourage greater relaxation.
  • And speaking of relaxation, the hammock it is definitely a key symbol. You can buy one with included support, but if you have a garden with trees, you could hang it between them.
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